Student Development Division, University Office, Chiang Mai University

Obligations and Responsibilities: (According to the university announcement, with regard to the division and assignment of authority and duty in university offices dated on the 27th August 2008) Student Development Division has the authority and responsibility for the management of student support and development, student activities and other duties as assigned.

Vision of Student Development Division, Chiang Mai University

“Focus on developing students to be a good person, an intellectual, and a dependable of the society.”


  1. Encourage, support and organize student quality development activities towards a learning organization.

  2. Organize services and welfare. Creating an environment conducive to learning quality and university life.

  3. Promoting CMU students to have the characteristic of honesty, responsibility, and volunteerism.


  1. To support the University’s strategy and approach according to the mission to produce graduates who has moral, ethical, quality, and global citizenship.

  2. To develop students to be ready for their studies and also have the skills to live in the campus happily.


  1. Students develop the ability to live in society with quality.

  2. Integrated extracurricular activities that focus on student development and coexistence in a multicultural society.

  3. Promote and develop cooperation in the field of student affairs both inside and outside the country.

  4. Develop personnel in the field of student affairs to be knowledgeable and capable of developing social skills (soft skills) for students through extracurricular activities.

  5. Develop student work to academic dimension by promoting routine development into research to drive the organization into a learning organization.

  6. Develop corporate governance system with good corporate governance.

Main capacity:

-Personnel are competent in the development of students. Be a learning process designer through social skills building activities. According to the identity of Chiang Mai University students. (Honesty, responsibility, volunteerism)

-Is an organization capable of managing student development activities with a large number of participants.