Student Development Division University Office Chiang Mai University

Historical Background

Student Affair Division Chiang Mai University was established as a government division according to the Prime Minister’s Office announcement on the 8th November 1976 to be an agency operating on the development of student’s quality. By providing services and providing student welfare services such as providing scholarships, career guidance counseling and employment, organizing sport events, providing student dormitory, providing student counseling services, providing training to students in order to encourage and support the production of graduates to complete the body and mind. And on the 27th August 2008 it changes its name to Student Development Division (According to the university announcement, with regard to the division and assignment of authority and duty in university offices, dated 27th August 2008) Has the authority and responsibility for the management of student support and development, student activities and other duties as assigned.

Student Affair Division Chiang Mai University

Chiang Mai University focuses on the student’s development, a national human resource, to have quality, merit and value. Also, support student affairs along with academic work. The President assigned the Vice President of Student Quality Development as the commander, caring and responsible for the Student Affairs of Chiang Mai University as a whole. In the sub-level of the various faculties, Dean assigns a deputy dean, generally speaking, the name of Associate Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for overseeing student affairs at faculty level.


The management of Student Affairs Division, Chiang Mai University has got 2 parts. A Central management, inside the University Office under the supervision of the Vice President for Student Quality Development and Special Affairs having a Student Development Division as a policy implementation agency. And a Faculty management, under the supervision of the Dean also have a deputy dean responsible for the Student Affairs Department of the Faculty as a policy implementation agency.